From creating and building community and belonging to winning local and international competitions, our students lead the Tech community in identifying and trailblazing ways to create the next entrepreneur, innovator, social change agent, big dreamer, and much more. The annual Up with the White & Gold (UWWG) celebration (co-hosted by the Division of Student Life and SGA) honors the achievements, hard work, and dedication of student leaders and student organizations. The event highlights the significant role that student leadership and involvement play on campus.

The event also honors faculty and staff and the role they play in student organizations, with a portion of the program dedicated to honoring outstanding employees and their work. SGA also presents a host of awards including 10 Burdell's Best awards and the Danielle McDonald Award. These honors are designed to encourage student organizations to host or participate in programs that are beneficial in the areas of organizational enrichment, team building, networking, service, and collaboration. Organizations can earn points by participating in various events and activities in certain categories.

Awards Descriptions

Organization of the Year

Presented to the student organization that best served their constituents, exemplified their mission, and excelled in program development, community engagement, and leadership development.

Great applications will demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to meet goals and objectives as stated in their constitution
  • Growth and achievement in many areas including membership, leadership and overall organizational development.
  • Successful mission-driven programs, meetings, and activities.
  • Demonstrable campus or community impact.
Student Leader of the Year

Presented to a Student Leader who has exceeded the expectations of leadership and served the organization’s members as a reliable resource. Organizations can nominate 1 leader from their executive board who they believe has made the most significant impact.

Great applications will demonstrate the following:

  • The Student Leader should show initiative through their work for the organization where progress towards improving the organization was clearly made.
  • The Student Leader should show qualities of a respectable, but also approachable leader.
  • The Student Leader’s impact should be evident through organizational excellence and membership testimonies.
Advisor of the Year

Presented to a faculty/staff advisor who has gone above and beyond to support their organization and demonstrated devotion to the success of the students involved.

Great applications will demonstrate the following:

  • The contributions and influence of the faculty/staff advisor should be clearly evident.
  • The advisor should clearly demonstrate the standards for leadership development, again shown by example.
  • The advisor should meet with the organization regularly and actively.
  • The advisor’s impact should be evident through organizational excellence and member testimonies.
Emerging Excellence

Presented to the organization that filled a void on campus and overcame difficulties associated with establishing an organization. Any organization that chartered within the last two years is eligible to apply for this award.

Great applications will demonstrate the following:

  • Clearly identified the need being provided to Georgia Tech students.
  • Indicated a clear mission statement, goals, and reason(s) for establishment
  • Evidence of growth and improvement in the form of officer development and function, increase in membership and community engagement
  • Success in facing the challenges that arise from founding a new organization
Community Champion

Presented to the student organization that demonstrates through action, the importance of serving the campus, the community, the country, and the world. This award will be given to an organization involved with hands-on service activities, philanthropic and fundraising events, political and/or advocacy efforts, or other civic engagement-related pursuits.

  • Great applications will demonstrate the following:
  • Impact and engage with Georgia Tech students and the community at large
  • Provide opportunities to students to volunteer and engage in events/initiatives hosted by the respective organization
  • Adapt to the challenges of functioning in a virtual/hybrid environment
Diversity & Inclusion

Presented to the student organization that demonstrates an active commitment to championing diversity and inclusion in their organization or on campus. Excellence in this area may be demonstrated through programs that directly support underrepresented or marginalized students/identities; service initiatives to encourage or deepen D&I in the GT community; educational initiatives to increase awareness and support of all identities.

Great applications will demonstrate the following:

  • Evidence of programs, events, or initiatives which provide education on the significance of diversity and inclusion in the GT Community service or direct action to support the increase or deepening of D&I in the GT Community.
  • Support (e.g., community building, consciousness raising) for students who are members of marginalized or underrepresented identities
Leadership Development

Presented to the student organization that facilitates leadership development and promotes leadership opportunities for its members, the campus, and/or the community. This student organization has developed clear goals to promote leadership philosophy within its community.

Great applications will demonstrate the following:

  • Create and organize leadership development activities such as workshops, retreats and lectures for guest speakers
  • Incorporates team-building exercises and activities into their meetings for providing students with leadership opportunities
  • Provides each member a fair platform to develop their leadership skills
Innovation in Adversity

Presented to the organization that managed to successfully overcome a challenge faced within the organization during the year.

  • Great applications will demonstrate the following:
  • Adapt to continuing organization responsibilities in a virtual/hybrid environment
  • Develop innovative methods to conduct meetings, workshops, and events
  • Inspires the GT community to progress and develop despite the surrounding challenges
  • Builds connections to the campus community in a virtual/hybrid environment