Students representing different on-campus organizations.

Welcome to the Center for Student Engagement!

The Center for Student Engagement is comprised of 4 areas, Civic Engagement, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Media, and Student Organizations. The Center empowers and supports registered student organizations to catalyze belonging and create an engaging campus community.

The Center has a strong history of developing and working closely with Georgia Tech’s outstanding student leaders. The staff that make up the Center for Student Engagement is here to provide service and support. 

Civic Engagement promotes avenues for student learning and global awareness to nurture the development of responsible, global citizens who are committed to building community in the intricate, multilayered world.

Fraternity & Sorority Life provides support and advocacy for the members of the Greek community by advising the leadership of the individual chapters and the executive boards of the four governing councils.

Student Media at the strives to provide the Institute and Atlanta communities with news, information and a forum for the exchange of ideas, while providing an educational learning environment for Tech students.

Student Orgs. Resource Guide

This handbook was created to serve as a resource for GT student leaders interested in developing, participating in, or leading a student organization.

Charter a New Student Organization

Have you found a void that you believe a new student organization can address? Student Engagement serves as a resource for chartering new RSOs.

Annual Registration 101

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are expected to complete annual registration by the established deadline provided by the Center for Student Engagement.

Celebrating Student Leadership

The Center for Student Engagement is committed to celebrating the contribution of Registered Student Organization members. Please join the Center staff in celebrating one of Georgia Tech’s most incredible resources, our student leaders.

Student Organizations Hub

The new John Lewis Student Center has 8,000 square feet of dedicated space for registered student organizations!

This open and airy co-working space is available 24/7 for student organization use.