Registered Student Organization Funding Allocation Guidelines

Effective Date: July 2021

Contact Name: Kayla Watson

Contact Title: Associate Director, Center for Student Engagement

Contact Email:

The Registered Student Organization Policy requires the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) of the Student Government Association (SGA) to allocate annual budgets and bills to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and departments of the Division of Student Engagement and Well Being using the Registered Student Organization Funding Allocation Guidelines. The Funding Allocation Guidelines are in conjunction with the RSO Policy and is only to set prohibited allocations as well as maximum allowable allocations through the funding processes as all other funding criteria, process details, and requirements are contained within the RSO Policy. The Office of the General Counsel must approve any changes to this document prior to implementation.

To view the current RSO Funding Guidelines, please download the file below. 

Amendment Process

Based on the criteria listed below, the Guidelines may be reviewed and amended at any time for immediate implementation by:  

  1. Request from the Center for Student Engagement;  
  2. Request from the Dean of Students; or 
  3. Request from the Student Government Association.

The initial request should be submitted in writing to the Center for Student Engagement, the Dean of Students, the Graduate and Undergraduate SGA Student Body Presidents, as well as the Office of the General Counsel. Within 20 business days, each listed entity must approve or deny the request in writing to the Center of Student Engagement. If all entities provide an approval, the request shall be implemented into the Guidelines and updated accordingly by the Center of Student Engagement within 5 business days of approval. If the request is denied by any of the entities, the reasoning must be in writing and distributed to all entities, but is not to be implemented.