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Each semester, there are Registered Student Organizations looking to fill Advisor vacancies.
See the list below to find RSOs that are currently looking for advisors, then complete the advisor interest form to get connected!

Have you ever thought about becoming an Advisor for a Registered Student Organization (RSO)? We need your help! Every year our students create creative and innovative student orgs, but sometimes have a struggle finding an organization Advisor. The Center for Student Engagement is aiming to add to our “Advisor Bank” for new and existing RSOs to use as a resource to find a faculty/staff Advisor for their organizations.

Why Should You Be an RSO Advisor?  

The Advisor role is a critical part of all of Georgia Tech’s RSOs, and you will play an equally important role to supporting the mission of the group you advise! Below are just a few benefits of Advising an RSO:  

  • Service: Advising will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the Tech community! 
  • Professional Development: You get to see students develop new skills and grow as individuals and as a group! 
  • Fun: You’ll have fun helping students enhance their college experience!  

What Would My Responsibilities Be as an Advisor?  

  • Advising a student organization can be a fun and rewarding experience; however, it does require making a commitment to the registered student organization and forming a partnership with Student Engagement to understand the responsibilities of your role. Learn more here.

Things to Consider Before Accepting the Role:

  1. RSOs must have Faculty/Staff Advisors. Faculty/Staff Advisors are full-time, salaried employees of either Georgia Tech or GT Alumni Association. 
  2. The Advisor role has no term limit, but all must confirm their role during the annual registration process.
  3. Faculty and staff may be Faculty/Staff Advisor for more than one organization. RSOs may have more than one advisor.

RSOs with Advisor Vacancies

  1. Circle K Club: Sponsored by Kiwanis International, Circle K is the premiere service and leadership development organization for college students across the world.















Do you want your RSO to be included on this list? Reach out to Coordinator for Student Organizations, Alyssa Rodriguez at

Interested in learning more about the role of a Georgia Tech Advisor?