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Common Funding Sources For RSOs at Georgia Tech

The following sources are popular funding sources for RSOs at Georgia Tech. Each funding source has their own unique requirements, so look closely:

SGA Bills/Budgets

SGA’s Joint Finance Committee is a financial allocation body, chaired by the Joint Vice President of Finance, that is responsible for determining allocations of the Student Activity Fee. RSOs can apply for funds from the Student Activity Fee — SGA offers both "Budgets" and "Bills" as a form of this funding. Note: RSOs are encouraged to seek funding through Budgets as it is finalized in the previous fiscal year. The Bills process is supplemental and RSOs are not guaranteed to receive funding from Bills.

Timeline:  “Bills” are rolling funding requests that RSOs can access throughout the year and have different applications requirements compared to budgets. "Budgets" are annual allocations of funds that are requested a fiscal year in advance of when funds will be received. "Budgets" should be used for items and events that occur each year – especially if that funding is needed over the summer or before the Fall semester starts.

Eligibility: Must be an active Registered Student Organization (RSO) in good standing

How to Apply: Engage Finance Tool. Applications for SGA Bills/Budgets can be found on Engage, tutorials are here. Please note that you MUST attend a required training (September) in order to submit a "Budget".

Helpful Links: 

If you have any additional questions, please contact SGA at

Parents Fund

The Georgia Tech Parents Fund Grant program is designed to provide student organizations with opportunities to grow and offer student-led experiences both on and off campus.  These student organizations provide Georgia Tech students with opportunities to learn the "outside the classroom" skills while developing friendships that will last beyond graduation. If you have any other questions, please contact the Tyler Barker in the Division of Student Engagement and Well-Being at

Timeline: The Parents Fund awards grants twice a year, once in the fall (Mid-Late August) and once in the spring (Early-Mid January).The results will be communicated to the applicants 14-21 business days after the closure of the application.   

Eligibility: All registered student organizations (RSO’s) are eligible to apply for funding from the Georgia Tech Parents Fund to support their programming. To ensure that more organizations are able to receive funding, the limit for an organization is $10,000 per semester. 

How to Apply: Engage Finance Tool. The application for the grant can be found under the “Budget Process” section in the Finance Section of Engage. More information on how to find the application can be found here:

Helpful Links: 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Tyler Barker at


The purpose of BuzzFunds is to develop student leaders and encourage student involvement in the Georgia Tech community. BuzzFunds is an allocation of GT Licensing dollars that Campus Services receives and allocates to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and Departments to help enhance the events planned for GT students. BuzzFunds dollars are meant to enhance events planned for all Georgia Tech students by supplying funding for event planners to add value and enrich their events to make meaningful programs and events for all of Georgia Tech.

Timeline: Requests will be considered monthly, not on a rolling basis. Requests are due by 11:59 pm on the first Monday of every month. Award notification will be emailed by the last week of the month.

Eligibility: BuzzFunds are open to campus departments and registered student organizations recognized by SGA. Programs or events must be available to the entire Georgia Tech community. No closed events for a small section of the GT student population. This includes but is not limited to end of the year banquet, general member meetings, and bonding or social events hosted by an organization for a small number of people (under 50 student attendees).

How to Apply: Apply through the request form on the BuzzFunds website here.

Helpful Links: 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Carly Bloomingdale at

Class of 1981 Fund

The Class of 1981 Fund was created by members of the Georgia Tech Class of 1981 to support community service opportunities at Georgia Tech and to serve as a resource for all Georgia Tech student organizations participating in community service. This application-based fund serves as a financial resource for the Georgia Tech community, particularly student organizations participating in community service efforts. 

Timeline: Applications should be submitted through the Civic Engagement Engage page, at least 3 weeks (21 days) in advance of the scheduled initiative that funding is being sought for. Submitted applications will be reviewed by staff within the Center for Student Engagement, and decisions regarding funding allocation will be determined and communicated. 

Eligibility: Registered and active student organizations, both undergraduate and graduate, recognized by the Student Government Associations and the Center for Student Engagement. Georgia Tech students or student-based programs may submit a request for support of a major project or program, so long as it is connected to the overall purpose of the fund.

How to Apply: More specific application guidelines, requirements, and form coming soon. Stay updated:

Helpful Links: 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jayde Nelson at

MOVE Service Grant

Mobilizing Opportunities for Volunteer Experiences (MOVE) launched the MOVE Service Grant in Spring 2019, in partnership with Parent's Fund, to provide additional funding options for the service community at Georgia Tech.  Since Spring 2019, MOVE has distributed over $20,000 in grant awards to civic engagement-themed registered student organizations, in addition to independent projects hosted by undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech that are aligned with MOVE's mission. 

Timeline: Rolling applications accepted from September 2024 through April 2025 

Eligibility: Must be a civic engagement-themed Registered Student Organization or program In addition to independent projects hosted by undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia Tech that are aligned with MOVE's mission.  

How to Apply: Engage Finance Tool. "To apply to the MOVE Service Grant, visit your RSO's Finance tool in Engage and you'll find the MOVE Service Grant application under "New Budget Request"! During the academic year, the MOVE Service Grant committee meets bi-weekly".  

Helpful Links: 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Jayde Nelson at

GTSF Student Foundation Grant

Each semester, the Georgia Tech Student Foundation (GTSF) provides over $40,000.00 of funding to various student organizations and initiatives from the revenue produced by the student-run endowment which is currently valued at $2.1 million. All funding is provided through reimbursement. GTSF Funding process consists of two parts: application and presentation. 

Timeline: The application is offered once every Fall (August) and Spring (January) semester

Eligibility: Open to the entire Georgia Tech community (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD organizations that are registered or unregistered)  

How to Apply: Engage Finance Tool. Review the GTSF Registered Student Org's Funding Request Step By Step Tutorial and Non-Registered Student Org’s/Individuals Funding Request Step By Step Tutorial.There is a version for Registered Student Orgs on Engage, as well as individuals submitting a request. Make sure you are reading the right tutorial.

Helpful Links: 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Tyler McCoy at


Curious of what SGA will or wont fund? Check out these guidelines! 

The Registered Student Organization Policy requires the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) of the Student Government Association (SGA) to allocate annual budgets and bills to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and departments of the Division of Student Engagement and Well Being using the Registered Student Organization Funding Allocation Guidelines. 

The Funding Allocation Guidelines are in conjunction with the RSO Policy and is only to set prohibited allocations as well as maximum allowable allocations through the funding processes as all other funding criteria, process details, and requirements are contained within the RSO Policy. 

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Do you have an on-campus bank account?

RSOs have the option to open an on-campus bank account through the Student Organization Finance Office. There are two kinds of accounts that you can open: Custodial and Foundation. These accounts each serve separate purposes. Here's how to open an on-campus account: 

  • Make sure that your organization's information is updated in Engage and that you are in good standing with the Office of Student Engagement.
  • Submit your request via email to the proper SOFO staff member - including your organization's name (to be used as the account name), and include contact information (name, phone number, email address) of your President and Treasurer.
  • For Foundation accounts, the organization will need to include an explanation of how the funds will be used. A donation (check or cash) of any size is also needed to establish the account with the contact information of the donor included (make sure the check is written to Georgia Tech Foundation with your organizations' name on the memo line).
  • Normal processing time is 5-7 business days. You will be contacted via email once the requested account has been established.