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GOLD route. Guiding Organization Leader Development

Designed for students who hope to hold a leadership position and for students who are active as members of officers in one (or more!) or Georgia Tech's 550+ Student Organizations, the GOLD Route program equips participants with the skills and knowledge they need to make meaningful change in their student leadership roles and in their leadership beyond GT.

To honor the diverse ways each of us develops leadership skills, the GOLD Route curriculum is flexible and unique to each participant’s journey.

The GOLD Route curriculum is guided by 3 foundational pillars:

  • Personal Leadership & Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Equity, Inclusivity, & Diversity

Students select from a wide-variety of GOLD Route workshops to fulfill requirements of each of the 3 foundational pillars; this allows each participant to select the experiences and workshops which will most contribute to their leadership journey.

Additionally, students can participate in a variety of extended leadership experiences across campus (Women’s Leadership Conference, Diversity Ambassadors, Peer Tutor, Healthy Jacket); after completing these extended leadership experiences, they submit a self-reported leadership experience and gain credit toward the completion of the GOLD Route.

By utilizing the Paths tool in Engage, the GOLD Route not only tracks participants' attendance and completion of curriculum requirements but also allows every participant can check on their progress throughout their journey.