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This page is designed to provide Advisors with the most common references policies and procedures for Registered Student Organizations. As employees of Georgia Tech or the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, advisors are required to familiarize themselves with all Georgia Tech policies. The list below is not exhaustive; visit the Policy Library and the GT Catalog for Tech's complete policies and procedures.

Policies & Procedures

Campus Security Authorities

All advisors to student clubs and organizations are thought to meet the definition of a "Campus Security Authority”. A "Campus Security Authority” is a Clery-specific term that encompasses certain departments, groups and individual employees who have a duty to report crimes they become aware of, as defined by the Clery Act.


Neither Georgia Tech students nor Advisors have authority to sign agreements on behalf of Georgia Tech. Should a Georgia Tech student or Advisor sign an agreement, they are signing in their individual capacity and can be held personally liable for failure to perform as agreed and for any breaches or omissions that may occur under the agreement.

For DRSOs, all agreements involving procurement of goods, equipment, materials, services, or event space must be reviewed and executed by Georgia Tech Purchasing. Such agreements must be submitted to for review. All other agreements should be forwarded to the Office of Legal Affairs at for review.

Purchases & Reimbursements

For information on purchasing and reimbursements for RSOs, please visit the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) website and select "Purchasing" from the menu. Purchases made using money held in on-campus accounts (e.g., an RSO agency account or an RSO State/SGA account) are held to the policies and procedures outlines on the Business and Finance portion of the Policy Library.